About Full Spectrum Creations.

We’re a Digital Marketing Agency operating from The United Kingdom and The Netherlands. We travel light and approach you with lightness.
Motivated to add value for our clients by constantly optimizing on performance and brand awareness. We create value for you as together we cover the full spectrum of online marketing. We have a big weakness for companies that help enhance the world. You could call us the Robin Hood of online marketing! Here is what we can help you with:

Search Engine Advertising

Experienced in creating and optimizing Google Ads search, display and remarketing campaigns to make sure your ad-spend is spent the best way possible.

Social Media Advertising

Extensive knowledge of Social Media Marketing and Remarketing with expertise in Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest Advertising. Set up and optimization? NP!

Email Marketing

Carrying the responsibility of several email marketing campaigns for our clients, we will be able to help you set up a consistent email flow.

Web Development & UX Design

We’re experienced in a wide variety of content management systems and have created many custom developed websites ourselves.

Affiliate Marketing

We’ve spent years in the wild wild west of Affiliate Marketing. What works, what not. We know the drill. Performance Marketing for your product or service.

Conversion Rate Optimization

When traffic is coming in, a leaky funnel on site is like mopping with the tab open. We make sure every bit on site is according to best practice CRO and better!

"It starts with that which brings out the passion in the heart. Sinking in, this leads to creation. Creation to share, the fruits of expertise and labour. Selling a passion product, a passion service. We are just here to enable your passion to flourish effectively and efficiently. Success is a by-product that does not overrule happiness and love for what you do… what we do."
Robin Meulen - Owner

It's about people.

We’re all experienced in a diverse range of the most important digital marketing channels and technical support that can help your business shine. Digital Marketing with all possible channels, Web Development, Conversion Optimization, Web Design and Graphic Design. Find out who is who and what we do best:

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Robin Meulen


After working for 3 years at the world leading, online performance marketing agency (Awin) Robin felt he could use his skills to help small, fair and sustainable companies to grow. He started working as a freelancer in Amsterdam where he worked for 2 years helping several sustainable and fair trade companies to grow. He moved to the UK where he kept working for some of his clients but in the meantime took some overseas clients on board too. For 2.5 years he was working as a digital marketing manager at do Sport Live while still helping several other clients too. Back in the Netherlands he now works for several different clients in NL and the UK. Most are eco, sustainable, fair and good companies. He has in-depth knowledge of Search Engine and Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Affiliate Marketing and Email marketing. He has extensively worked with WordPress and Magento’s CMS. His experience ranges from specialist work to leading a team as online marketing manager. He believes in giving the best to get the best. Values honesty, hard work and loves some lightness too.

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Michael Schouten


Michael has extensive experience in the field of Affiliate marketing, Web development and User Experience (UX) Design. Michael has built many websites from scratch and has operational and management experience in affiliate marketing. His coding skills are up to scratch and he knows his way in every online marketing system and CMS you can come up with. Starting from the age of 19, Michael has developed himself in almost every aspect of digital and online marketing over the last 12 years. His knowledge is resourceful and creative. Give Michael a challenge and he will see it done. Now working for one of the biggest offices B2B suppliers in the world (Office Depot) he is a valuable addition to the Full Spectrum team as he works besides his current job on many accounts for clients of Full Spectrum Creations. One of the most talented developers is never far away for Full Spectrum clients. He loves being up to date on the latest hacks and tech news. He is a respected sparring partner and good friend. Michael is always up for inspiration and a good talk about the beauty of life.

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Yoann Regis


Yoann is a passionated creator in his core. You’ll find him always around a computer! He was already designing websites, forums, logos and banners from when he was 11 years old, back in the days when ADSL internet was at its premises. As a very heart centered person, he cares about connecting with people around projects. He continued to deepen that aspect in his studies in communication, sales and webmarketing. As he started gaining experience working at agencies as a webmarketer specialised in traffic acquisition, his eagerness to understand how each and every medium and field of action are interconnected made him look further than his own sets of tools and he picked up designing again, the big passion. Also an avid Tai Chi student and practioner, he loves to apply the wisdom and principles of this ancient art in his work to go the extra mile for clients. Give the best, receive the best! Combining this double hatted role, his knowledge of the market and his love for creating and designing has made him find his own unique way to help his clients to reach their goals.

What's More?

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, communication, technical expertise and consultancy.
We are happy to help you with know-how and experience in the field of digital marketing. Here are some other services we provide:

Local Business Digital Marketing

Approaching digital marketing for your local business requires a totally different tactic. We know what is needed to get your local business on the map to increase store visits and revenue.

Google Analytics

We love stats. Drowning ourselves in stats is one of our geeky hobby’s. Using the best of this tool provided by Google gives us the knowledge on how to act for your local or online business.

Happiness & Fun

So important and totally not overrated. We do what we love in life. Enjoying every second of it, finding the wow in the now is what this is all about. We strive for a healthy and joyous flow!

Happy Clients.

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